1968 Tonka Jeep Gets Fully Restored

It might be little, but this is still satisfying to see.

It’s always satisfying to see a neglected vehicle get rescued and restored, even if it’s a toy. In this case we have a 1968 Tonka Jeep, one you might have had or bought for your kid. As is probably the case with most of them, this toy has seen better days, what with the paint chipped off in multiple places and rust taking hold, plus plenty of other damaged items. It’s like a miniature field find you could easily stumble across in your backyard.

Appropriately, the Tonka is hauled off by another Tonka wrecker before getting inspected and disassembled. Not only is some rust knocked loose, plenty of dirt or sand falls out, collected over hours of fun playtime. There’s also fishing line or something like it wrapped around the rear axle and other surprises.

The guy who does this restoration really knows his stuff and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch him work. In fact, this is the kind of video to watch when you’re stressed or just need to unwind before bed. Ultimately, the result is amazing.

While most people associate the Jeep CJs with off-roading, which is appropriate considering they were the spiritual successor of the jeeps from WWII, some were outfitted with a towing boom so they could hook up to other vehicles and pull them out of messes. Since they’re good at traversing trails, they were sometimes used for off-road recoveries, but they also would tow cars in suburban and urban areas.

This Jeep also has a snow plow attachment on the front so it can clear roads for cars to get through. The plow is barely recognizable before the restoration since the blade was missing, but after this guy is done with the Jeep, anyone can clearly tell what it is.

The beginning of the video is a little creepy where a bunch of old Tonka trucks are shown piled up in the background. Scattered among them are sheep made out of cotton balls for reasons we just don’t understand at all. And there’s a soundtrack of crickets playing as well. Maybe this is a reference to something we’re not catching, but the whole thing just comes off as unnecessarily creepy.

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