BF Classified: 1948 Lincoln Zephyr

Asking Price: $21,000
Location: Carrollton, IL
Mileage: 124000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 8H178109

Seller’s Description: 1948 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe with a V12 and an overdrive transmission. The engine was completely rebuilt in 2013 with only about 5000 miles since then. Receipts and parts lists of the rebuild show over $8,000 spent. Actual mileage is about 124,000 miles. The clutch was replace in 2009 and the overdrive rebuilt in 2014.

This car has a lot of rare options like electro-hydraulic power windows, push button door release and a power antenna. The car runs great and starts easily but is not road worthy right now because it needs some minor brake work.

This was my late father’s car and I’m selling it on behalf of my mother.

UPDATE: From a request for some undercarriage photos, I got the car out of the garage and got a few so I’ve updated the photo gallery. It shows that there are some rust holes in the driver side floor pan near the kick panel next to the dimmer switch and around the master cylinder. There is also a small dent on the bottom of the driver’s side front fender just ahead of the door that shows some body filler.

Auction Listing: Here on eBay

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