Camaro Sports Hilariously Aggressive Aero Mods

Just what is going on here?

Recently, user hopped on Reddit to share this phot of a Camaro featuring the most ridiculous aero mods we’ve seen in a while. The Chevy also has a questionable set of fender flares and there are some other things going on, but that front splitter just grabs your attention and refuses to let go.

Since the photo was left with only the comment “Camaro or snowplow, you decide” we don’t know the context. Next to it is another was with small, tucked in wheels and fender flares, possibly an older Subaru WRX. So we’re thinking this was at some sort of a meet, maybe Hot Import Nights Dayton or some such thing, only this is a domestic car masquerading as an import tuner.

Context is everything. While the aero mods look pretty sketchy, we wouldn’t laugh at them so much if this Camaro were at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. After all, that competition rightfully earned the name Race to the Clouds since it ends at 14,115 feet above sea level. The air gets so thin that cars need extreme aero mods if the drivers want to push them to the limit.

Maybe the owner of this Camaro saw a Pikes Peak racer and felt inspired. This huge splitter likely slows the muscle car down instead of adding to its performance, but it also looks cool to 5-year-old kids. What really gets us are the black additions to the splitter, which as one Reddit user pointed out, look like they’re leftovers from the fender flares.

Of course, this Camaro also has the tall rear wing, because wind resistance when you’re cruising around town is super cool and all. There’s the windshield banner, the relic from the early 2000s we thankfully don’t see too often these days. Also, after doing all those super-aggressive mods this Camaro owner didn’t add hood pins. Did he not hear those add 5-horsepower each? Well, we guess his perfect project car is still a work in progress, because he likely skipped the LED windshield washer nozzles and tire stem caps, good for another 20-hp.

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