Joe Rogan’s LT4-Powered Chevy Nova

This Nova is probably faster than most top tier GM cars today.

Chevrolet Novas have been really popular over the past few years because of their incredible versatility of modification. You can pretty much fit whatever engine or transmission combinations in the engine bay while still keeping a pretty unique look. Very rarely do you see custom builders utilizing the LT platform anymore but with recent innovations it’s becoming more of a reality. So how does this Nova use its LT power?

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First of all, this isn’t some old junker LT1, a V8 known for its general suckage. Rather, it’s an LT4 that’s boasting some of the best engineering modern manufacturers have to offer. Used in some of ham’s top dogs, it’s a quick and high revving engine with a supercharger an eight cylinders. This is all well and good but the six speed manual transmission makes it absolutely perfect for this car.

On the exterior you might wonder how stock it really is because of certain small details. You might not even notice that the door skin and some of the fender work is more of a Camaro than Nova. Those little features make the car really stand out in a way that you probably wouldn’t even realize until you looked hard at it. Overall, this 650 horsepower beast is the perfect classic street build which is probably why GM was so avid about supplying the engine and transmission systems.

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