454 V8 Included: 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Chevrolet brought back the Monte Carlo SS in 1983 – 12 years after the last edition was available. The last time around, a 454 cubic inch V8 was offered, while a souped-up 305 would have to suffice a decade later. The seller’s car comes with a 454, but it’s in pieces and not in the car. And, the condition of the vehicle is described as “fair” with only two exterior photos. But the price is low: $3,000 here on craigslist where the car is for sale in Steep Falls, Maine. Our thanks to Mitchell G. for this Chevy tip!

The 1983-88 Monte Carlo SS models were intended to compete with the Buick turbocharged Regals of the same era (such as the Grand National). The Buicks used a V6 while the naturally aspirated Monte’s stuck with V8 power. The Chevies got the F41 suspension handling package and handily outsold the Buicks – and out-performed them in NASCAR, too, winning the Cup championship three times between 1984 and 1987. The street version of the SS was rated at 180 hp and the aerodynamics of the Chevrolet proved to be an advantage.

We’re told this Monte Carlo SS runs but does not stop, hence the likely reason for the wheels being on rollers. The seller says there is some rust and dents, but the photos do nothing to show that or the condition of the interior. If the 305 is still under the hood, it may have been idle for a time given the layer of rust on the stock air cleaner cover. The broken odometer is said to read two million miles, but surely that’s just the seller getting carried away.

This car should be one of more than 41,000 assembled in 1986. The seller is throwing in a 1970s-era 454 V8 that has some mods, but it appears to be in pieces and not in the car. We assume the seller was intending to finish the motor and put it in the Chevy, but that’s just a guess. But you may be getting a lot of stuff for cheap wheels money by 2024 standards.